Crescent Moon

Hayate Gekkou
2 November
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Gekko Hayate, roleplay at eloquentsociety, maintained by toboe_lonewolf
Character Model: Jason Dingledine, a swordsmith for Albion Swords. (Aha, that's right...an actual swordsmith. XP)

About Hayate: At a time when both rapiers and muskets are used in warfare, Hayate is split within his trade. He loves his work in creating swords, and yet he can already see the tides of warfare changing – the growing knowledge in riflery, the turning of swordsmanship into a nobleman's sport, and the increasing importance of firearms. He is beginning to practice the making of firearms himself, although his love is still in the smithing of swords. He loves the art and practices fencing as well, although he is a bit more partial to the medieval styles for old times sake.

With the arrival of the Sabaku, he's interested in perhaps learning about the famed Damascus Steel process as well.

His mark is the crescent moon on all of his swords, and also on the sign right outside his smith. During festivals, he's sometimes called upon to do a swordsdance, which townspeople call the "Crescent Moon Dance." He has a chronic cough from working at the forge so much.

...In essence? Hayate is wholly metal-obsessed, has an insatiable curious streak, very private, and completely dorky. XD