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02 March 2007 @ 10:51 pm
[013] A set of letters.  
Hayate flopped onto his bed with his arm over his eyes. Oh Lord and Saint Mary. He did not want to think. Thinking meant remembering, which meant Yuugao, and Kisame, and Yuugao, and Iruka, and Yuugao, and that Kiss, and— he groaned. Not good. (He had self-control, he had self-control, he had self-control…) He turned his head to look at the thick envelope he'd brought upstairs. It had finally come today. His family's response to, to… he sighed. Might as well read it now. He reached over and broke the seal.


Nice to hear from you again. Except next time, son? Please explain yourself further than two lines. The house was nearly deafened. …I am sure you knew that already though.

Glad to know your business is doing fine. Don't forget the annual guild meetings; you're a full master now and you cannot forget your duties. You're representing the Gekkou family now.

Here, we're doing fine as well. Mostly standard sword issuing for the military training bases out here, and we're picking up a bit of the slack on the blacksmithing quarter – Amaya's husband is doing well. Ren's back; she has quite a few interesting stories to tell.

Ah, Ryousuke! Haven't heard from him in ages. So you just bumped into him, eh? Or her, rather. And son, I know you were watching when I dealt with Izumi's past suitors – you had better not be the same. Pass on my letter to him, will you?

Your mother insists that we come and visit you (and Yuugao as well), but you should have expected that already. We will all be coming. We'll arrive a week after the sending of this letter, and probably stay only a day or so.



I am very glad to know you have finally and truly noticed the fairer sex, other than your sisters. No, don't frown at me, you know it as well. How is she? You say she's a smith; how so? This reminds me of your father. He was just as focused on smithing as you are, and when I came by he was just as brief with words as you were. Two lines are simply not enough, Hayate. And if you want to properly court Yuugao, you had better learn to express yourself. Unless Yuugao happens to be as forward as I was with your father. Then, you will simply have to learn as your father did.

You will have to wait until we arrive for all of the questions I am sure you are expecting. Don't worry, we won't be interrogating Yuugao. Just you. Though I can't say the same for your sisters. Love you, and see you (and her) soon!


Dear Hayate,

I cannot believe you have actually decided that other girls were worth your time other than smithing. Izumi and I actually had a wager going, and now I owe her a new scarf. You do know we are going to descend on you for this, though. Just
how did you meet Yuugao? I thought you would never leave your shop.

Smithing with father and Jiro is going well. Having the blacksmith, the swordsmith, and the whole family under one roof turns us almost into small-time entertainment for people traveling through. It isn't like we're some mystical beings, but I suppose father's name is still a big enough pull.

And as much as your scratched out scribble tried to hide your question, yes, I do appreciate flowers. The children pick out lovely ones. Why, you intend on giving Yuugao some? How sweet.


Dear Hayatekins,

First off, I know you have my dagger and somewhere in that devious mind of yours you are laughing. And when we all come back I am going to
find it. The one you have given me is very nice though.

And I
knew you were going to fall in love someday! I knew it. Now, you did do something for her on Valentine's Day? That was the fourteenth of February. If you did not, I shall be exceedingly disappointed in you, little brother, and there shall be a reckoning far beyond the time you dumped me in the fountain.



Hey, I'm back! And such wonderful timing too, because you have found a lovely woman to cherish and admire and marry. Ah, Paris. The place for love. Stop glaring at the letter like that, little brother.

No, I didn't go to Japan this time, but you've given me a wonderful idea now. I was just exploring the mountainsides of our Spanish brothers, and of course, Toledo. I was able to watch a few of the old masters do their work, and yes, I'll tell you all about it.

And I know you know that you turned this house into an uproar when you sent that note. Honestly, Hayate. Think of poor father's ears. I'm warning you right now, we are coming for vengeance. At least, Izumi is. Amaya's a little safer. And you know mother. This Yuugao had better be of stern stuff and worth it to you if you're intending to go through
us. See you in a week, Hayate!


x x x x x

//A letter to Ryousuke Uzuki from Ken'ichirou Gekkou, private, and no Hayate did not look XD//

Dear Ryousuke,

Ryousuke! It's been far too long since we've last talked to each other. And considering the last time we had, this new development you've revealed is very amusing. Who knew? It makes things a great deal easier this way as well. I am glad that Hayate's turned out to be a fine young man, though that would probably be mostly Shizuka's doing.

Being out of the city is pleasant. It's cooler, and not so crowded. Perhaps, when you are able, you should come try the countryside. But yes, we are certainly coming to visit, after what Hayate's told us. Or rather, didn't. He turns remarkably reticent and shy sometimes – which, if I know anything about my son, means he truly
likes something other than metal.

This will be a very interesting family reunion, shall we say. We indeed have much to discuss with you and yours.


Hayate set the pack of letters down. A week? He looked at the date the letters were sent.

Lord and Saint Mary.


*weakly* Iruka? Yuugao? Um. My family's coming. All of them. Tomorrow.