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22 January 2007 @ 06:16 pm
[009] A letter.  

Dear father, mother, and sisters,

Father - Shop's going well. Remember when you told me to tell you if I ever met someone named Uzuki? Well, I did. He gave me a letter to pass on to you as well.

Mother - yes, I'm fine; no, I haven't had any major coughing attacks yet, and yes, I have been practicing my swordplay.

Amaya - How's smithing with father going? And um. Do you like flowers?

Izumi - Look, I made a new one for you, alright? And I didn't. I'm 23 now, I don't play tricks on you anymore. You stop saying I hid your favorite throwing knife when I visited the last time.

And Ren, if you're there - miss you. Where'd you travel to this time? Japan?